Mankind faces a never-before-seen challenge: our population grows exponentially risking depleting our planet food and energy supplies.


On top of that, climate change add a dangerous variable to this complex equation.

We innovate to change the world. We innovate to develop a new agriculture model: modern, efficient and socially responsible.


Macaúba is a Brazilian tree, naturally occurring in several regions from North to South of Brazil. It stands out for its high productivity and adaptability to the most adverse climate conditions.

We fell in love with the Brazilian Spirit of Macaúba, its versatility and its innumerous possibilities. We operate in partnership with Acrotech Co. to domesticate and develop high value varieties, working from seed germination to fruit processing.

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We reduce the effects of climate changes on previously degraded areas with modern agricultural techniques and reforestation initiatives.


Sustainability is at the heart of Soleá project from its conception to growth and consolidation strategies.  We believe in a better future, fair relationships, development through innovation and solving complex challenges through simple and genuine solutions.



We observe, we learn, we replicate Nature’s Will.  Macaúba forests recompose the original environment allowing local fauna to return to its original environment.



We re-establish local ecosystem balance which accelerates animals and plants dispersion. Habitat restoration occurs in an organic way as life resurges magnificently in front of our eyes.

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Proud member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB)